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Modeling has always been something I was interested it. Growing up I was fascinated by beauty, and because I was scared of it, I hid. 

I grew up thinking beauty is only one thing. Getting into modeling made me get out of the stigma. Helped me challenged myself, love myself, and learn about myself. 

Beauty is us. It doesn't matter where you are from, what your height is, what color is your skin, your eyes, your hair. 

I worked with several photographers in Israel like Roi Ziv and Shir Or. 

Recently I got the pleasure to work with Luanna Sue, and have her interview me for her magazine @theluemag. 

We talked about Beauty, Masculinity and femininity and why they are all connected. 

Coming soon...

You Are Beautiful.

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Quilt Arts

If there was one piece of advise I always would get from every teacher or mentor I ever had, it was to create my own things. I am the type of person that will always take her fate to her own hands, and will not wait for things to happen for me. Staying creative is the most important thing for me, and doing it with the people I love is even more of a blessing. We decided to create a company together in order to be able to create art together. It is our channel to make great art, to meet new people, to collaborate and try new things. To learn. 

check us out:

Quilt Arts Production is a melting pot of 5 creative from around the globe, from countries like Israel, Serbia, Australia and Mexico. We hope to keep creating with different people from different places, to show to art is universal. Art is about humans, and that is who we work with. 

Lying For a Living

Lying for a living is a podcast hosted by Therese Roberts and Madeline Galea, and is the no-bullshit approach to artistry. In the podcast you get a full insight on what it is to be an international actor and artist in the united states, dos and don't, industry talk, and so forth. 

I joined the two lovely ladies in episode 10, where we talked about my journey to the states, the craft, and one of my favorite subjects- doctors.

The podcast is available on Spotify, and the podcast app. 

Have a listen!

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Ghosts Of Roommates Past

Written by the talented Madeline Galea, this is a web series of 10 episodes, that explore in the most hilarious and touching way how to very different people can come together and see, that they are not so different after all... and also they have a ghost in their house. 


Produced by Quilt Arts, Coming soon...