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Coral Mizrachi


Coral is an actress from Tel Aviv, Israel, working in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. She began her acting career at the early age of 13 when she booked her first agent Shirley Puterman, and started auditioning for film, TV and theatre, bouncing onto every stage she could find. During her youth she studied under Hili Yalon, Tal Yarimi and Tal Eden.


At the age of 21 Coral received a Marriott and Honors scholarship to study acting in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, and graduated from the academy with an Associate degree and honors from the Episcopal Actors Guild in 2020. During her time in the academy Coral worked with distinguished faculty members such as Jennifer Leigh Mann (House of Cards), Timothy D. Stickney (Evil, The Good Wife), and David Dean Bottrell  (Boston Legal, Modern Family, Blacklist). As part of her training in the Academy, Coral portrayed a verity of characters, from the true-hearted May in Fool For Love written by Sam Shepard, to the femme- fatale Joanna in Noel Coward's farce Present Laughter.


Coral had the privilege to work as an actress in various film and TV productions around the globe. She has performed in the Hebrew adaption of the award winning musical Into The Woods (Stephen Sondheim), and acted in Comedy Central's sitcom Shutafim (Roommates), with the renown comedian Hen Mizrahi and Gadi Vilchersky. Upon graduating, Coral was cast as the lead in the upcoming TV pilot Trippin Stacia, directed by Eitan Kunitz, and was invited by the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to work on the play Radium Girls as a guest artist in the leading role, directed by George Heslin (the founder of The Origin Theatre company). Some of her other key credits include Ski-ter Jones (the Commercial King) Netflix pilot Block Boys Behind the Lights, Arian Behpour feature film Foreign Form, Kristie Grosvenor short film Self Conclusion, 48 hour film project directed by Khalid Michael, and Wesley Aldrich’s official video clip of the song You Can’t Kill Me Now. Coral worked with directors like Uri Kats, Andrea Meshel, and Audrey Lane,, and was privileged enough to work with Cannes Festival Best Director nominee Chen Shmueli. She also performed with international artists such as Gila Almagor (Academy Award winning actress), Carmel Lotan (Hane’elamim), Boris Lukman (Arc, Hellhole), Yadin Goldman (The Good Family), and Maddy Galea (Gossip Girl).

When Coral is not acting, she enjoys singing along to her favorite musicals, and trying different kinds of chocolate from around the world. She also ponders on why actor's bios should be written in 3rd person.


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