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The Authors Note 

Collaboration is what we do as actors. 

In this page are updates of past and upcoming projects. So take a look around, and may we all keep traveling and telling stories. 



Directed by Amit Kra | 

Tequila is a short drama about life and death, and an unusual friendship. Coral is playing Ron, who decides to have one last drink at the bar next to her apartment before she kills herself that night. Gil, the Bartender, is not going to let her do that and have that on her conscious. 

Official Selection for 2022 Tel Aviv International Short Film Festival

Can't Kill Me Now

Directed by Audrey Lane |

Coral was cast in the official music video of the single Can't Kill Me Now by Wesley Aldrich, as part of his album Bullies and Saints . The music video documents Coral's real life struggle with cancer. 


Lift Off Session 2022 Official Selection

My Favorite Place

Directed by Boris Lukman |

The short, one-shot movie, directed by Boris Lukman and produced by Art Club Productions, was film in Serbia as part of the Create Your Film competition, sponsored by Nikon, Sundisk, Yellow Store and many more. Petar played by Petar Arsic, is in his own world. Consumed by his video games addiction, he has one shot to save his relationship with his girlfriend. 

2nd place winner in the Create Your Film competition.

1st place winner for script and theme in the Create Your Film competition. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 13.09.32.png
Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 13.07.01.png
Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 13.08.09.png

Self Conclusion

Directed by Kristie Grosvenor |

"Self Conclusion" is a short film about taking responsibility, and the consequences of our actions. Coral is playing Hanna, a bartender in her early 20's, trying to deal with the death of her father and the suicide of her sister. In the movie we follow her journey trying to help Dedrea, a teenage girl who ran from home. 

Lift Off Session 2022 Official Selection
Quarter-Finalist at the 2022 World Impact Film Festival

vic & nimi-2.jpg

Foreign Form

Directed by Arian Behpour | Bonzo Grimley Production

The Feature length film "Foreign Form" is a horror sci-fi drama about Jack his blind sister, Alice. After getting both in a car accident, Jack is struggling to deal with his guilt and finding new ways to deal with the past. Coral is playing the role of Jessie in the film, Jacks girlfriend who soon gets caught up in the mess with both him and his sister. 

More details coming soon...  

Lift Off Session 2022 Official Selection
Quarter-Finalist at the 2022 World Impact Film Festival

vic & nimi.png

CinoPrimo Film Festival 2018

Vic & Nimi

Directed by Meshi Shay |

Vic and Nimi is a short film giving the viewer a look into a day in the life of siblings living together. She is a poet the age of 25 trying to find herself, and he is only a few years older, trying to fight off depression. He is playing a dangerous game with an unloaded gun, pretending to shoot himself and end his life. Things get complicated when Vic is done with Nimi's games and loading the gun without him knowing.

Can't Kill-2.png

Trippin Stacia

Directed by Eitan Kuniz

Upon Graduating and wrapping the performance of Radium Girls, Coral was asked to star in the new upcoming TV pilot "Trippin Stacia", as the leading character Stacia. Directed by Eitan Kuniz and shot in Detroit, Trippin Stacia follows the story of a young women moving to Michigan to try and find herself, and hopefully develop her career as a singer.

 More details coming soon...  

Block Boys

Directed by Ski-ter Jones


Coral was cast in the pilot episode of the Vegas narco-drama "Block Boys Beyond the light" as Marie, the assistant of the drug lord in town. Shot in the amazing state of Navada, Block Boys, produced by Andrea Meshel and directed by Ski-ter Jones, is showing a different side that we know of Las Vegas... 

 More details coming soon...

Welcome to the Moon and Other Plays

By Actors Quarantine Collective


Coral recently portrayed the character of Man in the play Welcome To The Moon for a one time performance with the Actors Quarantine Collective. Due to the ongoing pandemic the play was performed on zoom and streamed on the Actors Quarantine youtube Channel. To find more information on the play and watch the performance click here.   5/14/20


Radium Girls

Directed by George Heslin

Upon Graduating, Coral was invited back to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for a Guest performance in the play Radium Girls, as the lead character Kathrine Schaub. The play will be directed by George C. Heslin and will be performed in the American Academy of Dramatic Art. The production was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, and was decided to be moved online. The play (fully realized and rehearsed) will be recorded through zoom and will be edited as a final product to be streamed.

 5/29/20- 6/26/20

Quilt Arts


If there was one piece of advise I always would get from every teacher or mentor I ever had, it was to create my own things. I am the type of person that will always take her fate to her own hands, and will not wait for things to happen for me. Staying creative is the most important thing for me, and doing it with the people I love is even more of a blessing. We decided to create a company together in order to be able to create art together. It is our channel to make great art, to meet new people, to collaborate and try new things. To learn. 

check us out:

Quilt Arts Production is a melting pot of 5 creative from around the globe, from countries like Israel, Serbia, Australia and Mexico. We hope to keep creating with different people from different places, to show to art is universal. Art is about humans, and that is who we work with. 

Ghosts of Roommates Past

Quilt Arts

Written by the talented Madeline Galea, this is a web series of 10 episodes, that explore in the most hilarious and touching way how to very different people can come together and see, that they are not so different after all... and also they have a ghost in their house. 


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